Welcome! A little bit about this blog…

It feels incredibly exciting to publish my first post!

This blog began out of my desire to chronicle the Richter Fellowship I am doing from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.  The project is in the city of Aligarh, India and centers on water contamination, child psychology, and public health in a north Indian slum.

To follow all updates associated with this project, just click on the “Richter Fellowship” categories link on the left hand side.  The page link above titled “Richter Fellowship” gives some basic, static information about the project and also has a couple of links for you to explore in order to better understand the project and its aims.

As always, PLEASE PLEASE leave your comments and replies: these are what I am really looking for.  It would be awesome to hear what you have to say about my project, including your questions and suggestions.  If there is anything else you would like to see from me, post that too!

Other than that, I will also post updates on my travels through India, which will most likely consist of visiting the foothills of the Himalayas, sites in Delhi, and if I’m lucky, the Taj Mahal.  That will come a little later though, once the fellowship is over.

If you are so inclined, you can also follow this blog through email.  Just find the widget on the left hand side where you can enter your email and follow the blog.

See you soon!

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One thought on “Welcome! A little bit about this blog…

  1. Martha Starke

    I just spent 30 minutes going over your blog and reading and rereading some of your statements. This is amazing and your idea to make posters was right on. You know, children are drawn to color and art and things a bit out of the ordinary. That is why their toys and books are so colorful and magical. It is like child psychologists work with children through colorful puppets or drawings. What an amazing outreach and you WILL make a difference…… a step at a time.
    Many blessings to you!

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